Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reassurance. Edited.

The night out for the CPR class was preceded with ridiculously irrational nightmares for me. So silly. I'm sure my return to work soon is spurring some of this, too.

I was apprehensive as to what kind of a time Claire, Martin, and Diane would have with Elliot, as he only had one nap and at 4:30 gave me a battle over a second one with no success. Surely, I thought, he will go down early and it's no biggie if there's no bottle.

We had no cell phone reception for the 3-hour class, but had no missed calls... the walk up the stairs home was brisk, as we were so curious to see if we would encounter an awake, starving Elliot, or a screaming one, or if he had cooperated and was sleeping soundly. He was sleeping soundly, and so was Diane in the pack and play.

Claire and Martin had taken some photos to show us of the two kids interacting-- so cute. I will get a hold of them and post them soon. As the photos progressed, one appeared of Martin successfully giving Elliot a bottle!! I gasped, thrilled, so thankful that they even attempted it, and hammered them for details. Apparently it was a 15-minute battle but he drank the whole thing and they even attempted a second one to be sure. He did not go down early, but at least he was fed and they didn't invest a lifetime getting it done! We recently discovered that Martin has a beautiful singing voice, and that was the secret weapon, so I am afraid we all need to do some vocal training to survive this transition.

I was so relieved and reassured. Whew.

Editorial Update: Hehem, this mom attempted a bottle as well today, and it was taken with MAYBE a minute of protest... clean and fast. I think we're good to go. :)
My favorite monkeys... what a pair, eh?

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