Saturday, March 20, 2010


We've had some fun play times lately. Riley, our neighbor, came over to play (he has a little sister coming in 2 months!). We were dogsitting, so we all went out for a walk and to the park. This is the aftermath... everyone was tired, but Riley held up better than Elliot and Leroi, as you can see!

Then we went to see Chance and Lora. Lora teaches kindergarten at Byrne with me, and our students work together a lot. Chance is 4, and was diagnosed back in October/November with stage 3 lymphoma. He's had quite a battle, but they have been amazingly positive and patient, and he is doing great now, full of energy. I played football with him while Lora snuggled my whiney Elliot. He required a wardrobe change part way through, thus the undershirt! Chance made him laugh out loud so much, it was darling. We had a great time together.

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