Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ah, Vacation.

We lost our camera battery charger on vacation, so I am unable to upload photos for the time being. I'll get them up here soon.

We took a road trip to Atlanta (to see Kathy, my sister, + family, and Ann + Jenna), Hilton Head Island (to meet up with Brian and Jen, friends from college,+kids), and ended up on the farm (to see Karen, my other sister, + kids, who are in from Lebanon). We had a great time. Clocked about 2300 miles on the car. Elliot did awesome for the first 12 hour leg, so we were pleased and thinking we're in good shape. But, he did pretty horrible for the next 6 hour drive, and not great for the next 14 hour stint. And the final trip back to Chicago was not fabulous either. All-in-all, tolerable for sure, and we'd do it again, but he's not the "travel in the car anywhere" baby anymore! I think he moves so much when he sleeps and usually ends up on his tummy, that the car seat just ain't cutting it now. And he tends to miss his "window" to go down easily, and then it's a grumpy battle from there until he's truly so exhausted that there's no choice.

We spent a full week on Hilton Head Island. Elliot absolutely loved the beach. He would laugh and crawl and splash through the shallow water. We shared a condo with our friends, Brian and Jen, who have Nicholas (7) and Will (almost 4). It went so well, as the homebase for naps and eating in was key. We had the pool right across the street. Most days, the morning was spent at the beach and the afternoon was spent at the pool. Definitely felt like vacation.

We had a little bit of adjustment to make to get the sleeping in order, and Elliot was up the first two mornings at the crack of dawn. Pat solved the whining and complaining with whisking him off to the beach at 6am. The 2nd night Pat says to me, "I hope Elliot gets up early again so I can take him to the beach. I like that." This coming from my non-morning-person husband?!?! And I got to sleep in!

We're back home now with too little air conditioning and bad habits to break (we coddled him, rocking him down too often, afraid he'd wake whomever we were staying with at the time...). Yesterday, Elliot fell (a pretty normal fall for a soon-to-be-toddler, but Pat thinks he got too used to crawling on carpet versus our hardwood...) and busted his upper lip open pretty good-- his new front teeth are nice and sharp. Plenty of blood, a real fat lip, and worried parents. He's fine, of course, and the swelling is down a bit, but he's really got a nice split in it. I'm sure this is only one of many to come...

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  1. Hey, we're going to Hilton Head too (in August)! I'm glad that Elliot enjoyed the beach - I can't wait to see how my boys do there.