Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday Cake!

Being the busy hostess, I failed to get a shot of our guests... but we did have a small gathering for a cookout and some birthday cake for Elliot. It was supposed to be a casual game night, with cake thrown in, but it turned out to be more of a birthday night, with a small game afterwards. Oh well... it was a lot of fun, even if Pat complained too much about the prep! (We'll spend the day at the lake tomorrow...) Really wish I had gotten a shot of everyone.

I dug out my cake books and hoped for some guardian angelship from Pat's mom (who taught me how to decorate cakes), and I was pretty pleased with the outcome. It's literally been years since I attempted something like this and it was fun be creative with my hands.

Elliot (and the few other tots as well!) got quite tired by the time we got around to cake, so he seemed confused and stunned by the attention. He perked up a little, though, and managed to keep his hat on a while. He did like the cake, and when we changed him into his pjs, we found cake in his diaper.

Devil's Food cake with Almond Buttercream frosting.

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