Friday, July 30, 2010

Buddies and Showing Off.

Renee is back from Australia and came over to play and see Elliot. We had a lovely time and didn't stop chatting the whole evening! Elliot was napping when she got here. When he woke, he looked at Renee, looked at me like, "Who the heck did you bring in here?" and then 5 seconds later, this sly little grin grew and he was immediately snuggling with her. After laying his head on her shoulder, he pulled back, looked all serious again, and then got all coy again. It was a riot.

Elliot then proceeded to go into hyper-show-off-mode. He crawled every which way, really fast, looking back to see if Renee was watching. Then he'd pull a new toy from his bin, and grin, waiting for her to notice. On our walk, he kept looking up at her and laughing, kicking his legs, like he couldn't hold in how excited he was to be back with his buddy. It was so evident the bond they have. We thought it was hilarious! My sister's comment: "And the male need to strut begins."


  1. It was such a nice day!! Elliot was such a little flirt! Glad to be back.

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