Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lovely Weekend with Family!

We headed down to the farm again, as Uncle Brad and Aunt Emily were coming in from Portland to see Karen and the kids before they fly back to Lebanon on Sunday. This is one of the big reasons why we love living in Chicago-- because we can jaunt in for things like this with little trouble. Mom opened the house for a bbq on Monday night, so our aunts and uncles, and a handful of others, could pop by and say hi.

We ate soooo much good food, but did not move enough! :) Every time I turned around, Mom had whipped up homemade peach cobbler, or had a chocolate angelfood cake ready (my favorite!) or had brought us cheesecake from the restaurant (which was not open, but we had lunch delivered to us by the owner... so spoiled).

Thomas and Anna, just like Kath's girls, were fabulous with Elliot; so helpful with baths, playing, "he's going toward the stairs...", you name it. John's boys came over to play, too, and there was an all-out wrestling match with the men. RJ (cousin who is 4 mo older) and Elliot are closing the gap and seem to be interacting much more.

Elliot and RJ, sharing Cheerios.

All the cousins who were there, except Caleb, who came but is only 6 days old and was sleeping!!

Anna and Thomas loved reading to Elliot. He stayed put for a long time, by his standards.

We arrived on Mom's birthday, and Anna had done very little for her birthday back in June, so we put candles on a cake and sung to them and Elliot; a mini party that was easy and fun.

We had rough sleep the first night there, and Elliot woke up at 4:45am, and DID NOT go back down, so I had a little talk with him about how when your parents have you when they're in their 30's, and you normally sleep 12 hours at night, these crazy early mornings just won't do. Karen very thoughtfully kicked her kids out of the "kids room" (where there are bunk beds and a crib), giving Elliot a crib instead of the pack and play, and we were golden. I think the central ac was tough on him, too, as he promptly got a runny nose and a cough. But, he's bouncing back and still doesn't stop!

Just realized I failed to get any shots of Uncle Brad and Aunt Emily and Elliot... sigh. And no photos from the bbq. :(

When we got in, it was cling-to-Uncle-Pat mode and Thomas and Anna just wanted to be near him all the time. Once Brad and Emily arrived, Pat was off the hook for a bit!! I got some attention, but Pat is definitely favored, and he loves it.
Grandma, falling asleep after giving Elliot a bottle. Finally, he gave Grandma some good snuggling this weekend.
Aunt Karen, teaching Elliot how to pop these little bubbles in a new book they gave him.
Grandpa, reading Fortune Magazine to Elliot. Both seemed very interested, so ok!

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