Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elliot!

Today, Elliot is ONE. What a year. It's so amazing how much they learn and how they develop in this first year. And I now know what birthdays really mean to parents. What a special day. We woke him by singing to him and then we proceeded to retell the details of his arrival, how alert and bright-eyed he was from the first moment we saw him. And how we didn't know if we were having an Elliot or a Leah!

His Uncle Bill and family sent something and Grandpa P. sent a card, and when I read them both aloud to him yesterday, he sat there, with the sweetest grin on his face, that I swore he felt special. And Grandpa U. called this morning and as I held the phone up to Elliot's ear, that same little grin grew. I love it.

Of course, the box ended up being just as popular as the toy!!

We're not planning a big party. Just our usual crew to play cards on Saturday and we're adding a birthday cake to the mix before Elliot goes to bed. So there will be some cake photos to come. I did buy party hats and that's about it! I also had to relearn my cake decorating skills this week...

Had to throw in some favorite photos from a year ago, just to remember the moment more. You forget how little and feeble they were, especially when this rolling-tumbling monkey is all over the place now!! We now have beat-up knees, dirty fingernails...

(Wish these little rolls of pudge would reappear...)

And a year later...

Just like any toddler, his favorite thing is to empty the drawers... I found my face cleaner under the computer, sunscreen under the bed...

Not walking yet, but I give him a few more weeks.

My baby boy, who loves to be outside. Happy Birthday.


  1. OMG seeing him makes me smile so much, miss the little cutie pie!!! The new born baby ones are like "who is that baby?" how he's changed! Glad he's been part of my life! xx