Monday, July 19, 2010

One Year Check-Up.

And Elliot's still a runt... not sure how I expect him to suddenly jump up on the charts, but every doctor's visit, I silently hope and hope, and then go, "WHAT?!" to myself, but try to play it cool to the doc. Of course, she's like, "Ok, so he's at the bottom, but he was before, and there's nothing wrong with him, he's just small, and always will be. I have no concerns. Picky eater? Many are, they run the show, and you will lose the battle, don't force it." Alrighty.

At one year old:
17lb., 2 oz.
28 1/4" tall

I am using the numbers in a way that makes me feel better: He gained the exact same amount of ounces since his last visit (13 oz), but this visit was really 3 weeks shorter of a gap, so he's doing great! :)

We took him to get his portrait taken on Sunday. The family ones, um, left much to be desired, but we had enough to choose from for him. And, hey, he's much more fun to look at than we are, right!?

Some random shots of when Diane came over to play one day.

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