Friday, July 10, 2009

And..... Nothing. But the race is on!

So our close friends, Dave and Jen Ries, who we met in college and live here as well, are having a baby too.  I'll never forget at Christmastime, getting a message from them, "We're having a baby!'  And we responded, "Wow!  We are, too!"

It's been awesome to go through this with them, being able to share in the excitement, all the female "secret club" stuff that no one talks about (or forgets about!)  They were due on August 4th, just over 4 weeks after us.

Well, the race is on because they are now scheduled for a C-section on Thursday, July 16.  We are so curious to see just how close our babies' birthdays are, with me being late and hers being so early... Who will win, Baby Reis or Baby Papczun?  Or could it possibly be the same day?  Tune in to see...

(Geez, I really, really hope that we aren't able to go see their baby, out and about in this world, and STILL be pregnant ourselves.  Surely not.  Sigh.)

(Top photo= 4th of July, Bottom photo= 28 weeks/32 weeks)

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