Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Check Up

We had our first check up and Elliot has made us into worrying parents already.  All babies lose weight after birth, about 10% of their birthweight.  Elliot, however, has dropped from his 7# to 5#9oz., which is 20%.  I can't tell you how my heart dropped when I saw those numbers on the scale.  

Our pediatrician was measured in her approach, and thinks the feedings are not providing enough input for him to grow.  Nursing him is extremely important to me, but of course he needs to thrive!  So we left with a plan of working harder to make everything jive with the feedings, prioritizing his every whimper, and making sure I eat enough.  We are going back tomorrow morning to reweigh him and to see if there needs to be a plan B.  

He must have sensed the urgency of the situation, as he has kicked the nursing into high gear yesterday afternoon and overnight, hardly giving me a break.  He's become a madman after the milk, and then sleeps so deep.  I can tell he's eating a lot more, and his "output" finally proved it!  (That was our telltale sign if we were going down the right path...)  Although we still need to see the numbers tomorrow on the scale, we are relieved, but exhausted from feeding all night long!

And this is only the beginning, eh?

More photos later.  

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