Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road Trip!

Off to my parents' house tonight for the weekend... normally takes us 4.5 hours, so we'll see how much longer it is with an infant.  I have a sister in from Atlanta and my other sister in from Lebanon, so we couldn't stand to miss the gathering.  (And we originally thought he'd be 4 weeks by now...)

Elliot was 2 weeks old yesterday and he seems to be doing great.  A few nights here and there are rough, but he normally gives us 3-4 hours of sleep at night before needing attention.  I think we're adjusting well to the zombie-like functioning, because I thanked Pat yesterday for doing the changing.   Pat replied, "I did the changing?  Really?  I don't remember it..."   (That's our MO- Elliot wakes, Pat changes him, and I get out of my grogginess enough to feed him and put him back down.  Pretty good teamwork.)

I timed a trip to Target on my own today perfectly, and that was a major confidence boost.  He slept through the whole thing.

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  1. I wish we could be in Ohio this weekend! =( So many kids...maybe I'm glad we won't be there! j/k. Have a good time, sad to miss the mini family reunion.