Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grandma Ulrich, Aunt Karen, Thomas and Anna visit.

This past week, we had Pat's dad here from Sunday to Wednesday.  It was a great time for him to get to know Elliot and spend some valuable time with us.  

On Thursday, my mom, sister, and her two kids came to help out.  They left to go back to Ohio today.  They were a huge help-- they made all the food, cleaned the apartment, did the laundry, and left us with 2 or 3 huge meals.  Even the kids pitched in, as you can see.  
Elliot is taking his first road trip on Thursday to Ohio-- we had originally thought he would be about 4 weeks old to make the trip, but his late arrival makes him only 2+ weeks.  The doc says it's ok, and he is sleeping 3-4 hours at a time, so we're hoping it goes as smoothly as possible.  My other sister, Kathy, will be up from Atlanta with her three girls, who we have not seen in several months, so we don't want to miss out.  
He's eating and sleeping relatively well, as we are getting better about reading what he needs.  I think his little face is already changing as he grows.

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