Thursday, July 23, 2009

He's growing just fine...

We had Elliot's follow up appointment this morning. The doctor wanted him to simply maintain his weight from Monday; she didn't set a specific number for gaining. However, Elliot has gained 6 oz. in the 2 days... this is fantastic, as standard (if there is such a thing with babies!) is about 1 oz. a day. Wooohoooo. We were so relieved and elated. The hard work has paid off and he's doing great. He's definitely making up for what he was missing.

He has been sleeping much deeper as well, except for tonight, when it's 3:40am and I have been feeding, changing, and rocking since about 12:30am, with just little bits of sleep here and there. Ah, well, can't have it all every time, eh?

Pat's back to work tomorrow, so I am trying hard to leave him off duty tonight. My family is now arriving tomorrow/today, Thursday, and I am so excited to have them hold him! Pat's father really enjoyed his stay here I think, and brought us some books for Elliot, including two original, nicely worn books that Pat loved as a child.

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