Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You guessed it! No progress...

Doctor's appointment= no progress.  However, my BP has dropped, which is good news, which makes us wait one more week.  If he/she does not arrive by next Tuesday's appointment, and one more round of the monitoring, then we're forcing the issue!  :)  We'll pick a date next week to induce.

Let's hope he/she cooperates and pops out on its own in the next week.  Perfect timing for dad-to-be to watch the end of the Tour de France!  What a considerate child.

And, yes, we've had plenty of suggestions as to non-medical means of speeding this along... most of which we have tried to no avail (besides the standing on my head to utilize the full moon's gravitational pull, which we should be able to attempt tonight...).


  1. now, that last one about the moon's gravitational pull has real potential! haven't heard that one yet. if you guys have more gems like that, feel free to pass them along.

    spicy food, lots of walking, wild trapeze sex: so far, these ain't getting it done! :)