Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3- Week Check Up-- Going Strong!

Elliot passed his three-week check up with flying colors... no more fretting parents or grandparents!  Two weeks ago, he was just about 6 lbs, and that was after rebounding from 5 lbs, 9 oz.  Today, he's 7 lbs, 10 oz!  Ten ounces over his birth weight, and over two pounds past his low point!  Go little buddy, go!  The doctor was thrilled, and so were we.  The doctor lovingly called him fat, and he objected with a nice wail; she apologized for insulting him.  He is getting a nice belly on him and the bird legs are filling out.  "Now we just cruise," she said.  He also grew an inch longer.  

After calling my parents with the update, my dad asked, "So is he walking yet?"  Cute.

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