Friday, August 14, 2009


We met Avery and Jen downtown in Millennium Park today... it was a bit hot, but we lasted about 1 1/2 hours.  We saw a few of the planes practicing for the air show and had our lunch in the park.  

The Metra was pretty easy, until I got to the station downtown, and the elevator was broken.  Humph.  As I was brainstorming how to get the stroller and him upstairs safely, and considering breaking apart the stroller and car seat to manage the trip up, a random man offered his help.  I barely hesitated, as I was a little leary, but quickly realized I had few other options that would be as easy and quick.  He took the front end, I took the back, and I made sure to thank him but drive off very fast incase he wasn't as kind as he seemed.  I heard him go back down the stairs and offer his assistance to the other three stroller-pushers who were stranded as well.

Of course, Pat couldn't stand the thought that we were that close and he wasn't a part of it, so he came down to meet us as well, as he was running around trying to organize Elliot's birth certificate for our medical insurance.  

Another successful trip in the big world.  It's getting easier to get out the door each time.  Now he's blessed me with a nice long nap, and I think I'll join him for the last few minutes.

No photos, as I forgot the camera.  I'm sure I've posted a sufficient amount, however!  :)

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