Saturday, August 8, 2009

A little refreshed.

Hit a small speed bump in my efforts as a stay at home mom last night... gave him to Pat the minute he walked in the door and attempted going for a jog to fight off the, hmmm, what do you call it?  It was a mixture of frustration, guilt, tiredness, showerlessness, monotony.  Sounds worse than what it was-- Elliot had been good most of the day, and I couldn't recognize what I was feeling until Pat got home.  Just cooped up, I guess, even though we've gotten out some.

Jog was not easy when I've done nothing faster than a waddle-walk for 9 months!  Got 10 minutes in, walked another 30 minutes or so to the lake and back, and felt very refreshed.  Found myself saying to Elliot, "I'm not mad at you, I just need a little break."  Pat and I vowed to make this happen a few nights a week so that I don't get cooped up.  We'll see if that really happens, but at least last night I felt much better.

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  1. Wow E looks like Pat! They sleep the same too. Can't wait to meet him next month!