Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shop 'til you drop!

Jen and I took Avery and Elliot (the "day apart" kids) out on a shopping trip!  Our first outing trying to coordinate and we were pretty successful.  We managed to get both carseats in my little Civic.  A brief browse in a cool baby store, a stop for coffee and ice cream, and we headed back to her place to feed and change.  We decided to make this a standing weekly outing until she goes back to work in the fall.  Then, I guess I'll have to find someone else who had a baby the day after me to have lunch with!

The kids were out most of the time, and then they both went through this massive stretching phase while waking up, as if they had been so worn out by their efforts.  That, or they were trying to grow more on the spot.  We were cracking up, but admitted that only the parents of these children would really be so entertained by such a thing.  Outsiders, not so much.
Friday we're heading out to Millennium Park to watch the planes practice for the annual air show this weekend-- first attempt at public transport with the little guy.  I'll put him in the stroller and take the Metra downtown.  I'm sure I'll get some photos of that on here afterwards.

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