Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meeting of the Munchkins.

Finally, on Sunday, we got together with our friends, Dave and Jen, who had their baby a day after us.  Elliot and Avery barely got to know each other, as they alternated fussing and conking out.  Dave made his famous ribs and we had a great time.  Avery is a doll... much more tolerating of the wet/dirty diapers than Elliot!  

They weigh almost identical, but Elliot seems longer, while Avery has some shape to her legs, versus Elliot's lanky bird legs.  We also noticed that Elliot has a very large head compared to Avery!  It was quite funny comparing them.  

Jen and I are planning to attempt an outing on Friday to grab some lunch downtown and watch the planes practice for the air show.  Looking forward to that, so I hope it's not too hot.  Elliot seems to have his father's thermostat and is quite a sweaty baby.

It's crazy to note that Elliot is already a month old today.  He had a fussy night/day, but seems back to himself by this evening after letting me join him for a lovely 3-hour nap.  We snuggled in and got some much appreciated rest together.

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