Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another road trip coming up!

We're heading into northeast Ohio to see Pat's side this coming weekend-- the great grandmas will finally get to meet him.  Cross your fingers for us.  As much as Elliot does so well in the car, he has been staying awake a lot more and it's a 6 hour drive sans baby, just that much longer than the 4.5 hour to my side... and the one grandma is another 1.5 hours after we get there.  I hope there's no meltdowns.

He'll be 6 weeks old this week.  He's really growing-- outgrew one of his hats already.  Many of his clothes are getting too short, but his little frog belly doesn't fill out the next size yet.  Makes me smile, but also makes me sad that we're passing through these precious times already.  Everyone says enjoy it while you can and I'm really trying to stop and snuggle with him when I have more pressing things to attend to.  

Spent the chilly afternoon at the lake yesterday.  Pat and Elliot took a nap together, I got a cat nap, we had a picnic, and called it a day.  The wind was strong and the waves were amazing.  We moved to the sheltered side of Promontory Point, and it was really about 10 degrees warmer out of the wind.  

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