Friday, August 21, 2009

It's getting more normal.

We seem to be easing into a "normal" life now with Elliot... but am I jinxing it now?!?!    Thus the fewer posts, I guess.  Last night he gave us a 5-hour stint of sleeping (longest yet), which was so much appreciated, seeing that Pat's sister had stopped by on their drive back to Wyoming from Ohio to meet him and us yahoos stayed up until the crack of dawn visiting.  
We also ate out at a restaurant with our visitors, which was the first attempt to enjoy a meal out with Elliot.  Not too bad... we had been outside for a while, watching Pat and Charles (our brother-in-law-traveling-through) participate in a pick-up soccer game down at the university, so he definitely needed changing.  I walk into the single bathroom-- no place at all to make-shift a changing table.  Back out, not ready to use our booth in the dining area to change him, but ready to do take-out when Pat sees a bench in the waiting area by the door.  He made that work, Elliot took a bottle, and we actually lingered for quite a while at dinner.  Not bad at all.
(Thought this onesie was hilarious and needed sharing-- our former neighbor, Joe, sent it to Elliot.  We seem to be slowing down on the obsessive photo-taking as well...)

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