Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avery and Elliot go to the Art Institute.

Should we start our own children's book about our adventures around Chicago?  Today it was the Art Institute.  Jen picked up the free pass from her local library, and I got in for free as a teacher, so knowing that we didn't break the bank to change diapers and feed babies inside an art museum helped us enjoy the day even more!  
We did catch some art while we were there, and the new wing has some very cool moments; but galleries are galleries-- large, plain spaces with no windows... nothing too novel there.  The outdoor terrace has a great view of Millennium Park as well.  Oh, and that photo of Jen changing Avery?  Just to show the cool, modern changing trough in the bathroom (and there was one in the men's bathroom as well-- I like it!).
Next time, the aquarium!


  1. And how exactly do you know that there was a changing trough in the men's bathroom???

  2. The door was propped open and it was the first thing you saw... what do you take me as?