Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fly-by trip to Ohio...

Pat's grandmother (his mom's mom) died last week, so we made a quickie trip to Ohio on Monday and Tuesday for the services.  Although we moaned about the drive (13 hours in the car round trip), and the circumstances were less than favorable, we were really glad to see family of course.  Grandma was 90 years old and had developed bad dementia, so it was not unexpected.  We are glad for her peace.  It is amazing to think about what she saw in our world in the 90-year span.  Pat did a lovely eulogy at the service, and so did his Aunt Maryann-- they added a little laughter to the sadness.  It was also a nice chance to visit Pat's mother's grave.

Maryann and Pat's sister, Katie, had never met Elliot, along with many others, mostly of the great- generation.  We pulled in to the funeral home with 30 minutes left for the calling hours, after 7 hours on the road and changing our clothes in a gas station bathroom.  The funeral director informed me that "there are many people awaiting the arrival of this little guy."  I first felt bad for turning a somber occasion into a social event, but someone reminded me that Grandma would have liked that, and the spontaneous family reunions help to celebrate the passed life.  He got lots of attention.  Maryann was quite adept at getting him to laugh out loud, and Katie was very talented at getting him to sleep!

We had a few meltdowns in the car with Elliot, but nothing that wasn't fixable.  Tuesday we had the funeral, a nice lunch, the burial a few hours later, one last feast with family at Bob Evans, and then we hit the road.  Rolled in around midnight last night, and Elliot did fabulous on the way back.  We planned to stop when he needed something... and at the 3.5 hour mark, he was still snoozing, and I insisted on stopping for my own bladder!  He fell right back asleep and we made record time for the drive back.  Well, Pat did, I slept in the back seat!

I felt like a nomad for the two days-- nursing in two parking lots in the car, pumping about four times while Pat drove, changing Elliot and our own clothes everywhere on the fly.  Whew, we made it.  And it was definitely worth it.  However, I think we need a bigger car.  :)

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