Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gina visits from Seattle!

Before our last-minute trip to Ohio, our very close friend, Gina Elsen, came to stay with us on Friday.  She used to be our neighbor and would host almost weekly poker games.  In June, her and husband, Frank, and 1-year-old, Sophia, moved to Seattle, even though I did everything in my power to ransack their move.  Gina had a conference back here in Chicago for 5 days or so.  It's been awesome to catch up, and very nice to know that she was fine staying here on her own as we slipped off for the funeral.  Sadly, she's leaving today.  I think a trip to Seattle is in our future to see them, if we cannot manage to recruit them back to Chicago!  And, we did get a poker game in-- the first since this little guy has been around (friendly, of course, and cheap entertainment!).  As you can see, the cat had missed the games too.

That's Candace in there in pink, one of our neighbors from when we lived up north, and Gokhan, another Hyde Park friend.  Dave and Jen came with Avery, but she wanted no part of the social action, so they enjoyed some chili and took off.

The frog that Sophia sent to Elliot was quite the hit... it's the perfect size for him to hold on to, and of course, he had to suck on the frog's foot.

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