Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elliot and Avery go to the Aquarium.

We partook in one of the free days at the Aquarium.  The kids had a great time, while the moms were a little disappointed that free day= only the first floor... no dolphins, penguins, otters, belugas, the fun stuff.  Overall, though, it was a lovely visit and it had been a long time since either of us were there.  And with our short time frame with the kids, we did see plenty.  We were all impressed with our meter parking for $2.50, seeing that the lot is usually $19!  We'll go back to see the big stuff later. 

Avery enjoyed a nap most of the time.  Elliot really seemed to be mesmerized by the movement of the fish.  Check out the big bullfrog hanging out behind the kids in the one photo.  I had to look up my old friend, the lungfish.  If you've never checked him out, he's a must.  Darwin theory in the flesh and blood.

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