Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Discoveries.

Elliot and I got out for a walk and the leaves were magnificent. I thought I had overdressed him, as it was pretty pleasant out, but after falling asleep in the wrap, his hands and arms were still pretty chilly when I unbundled him.

Elliot has found a new octave when he plays-- a lovely, high-pitched squeal that he learned gets him attention. So, the smart little dude has transferred that sound to his crying fits, too. Nice.

He has a new habit of sucking on his lower lip. Pretty funny. New sounds came with that one, but i don't think I can officially claim a "mama" yet. :)

We've turned him to face out when we take him in the Snuggly carrier or the Moby wrap and he loves it. There's so much to see, he has now taken to staying awake during errands, kicking and cooing, enjoying the escalator at Target to no end. I thought this was great, thinking then when I got home, he'd crash and I'd be able to get some odds and ends accomplished... nope, he decided it was good to be awake and got to that intense, over-tired phase where the giddiness quickly flips to tears. This happened two days in a row. You can see how Pat dealt with him-- he seemed content that way, and promptly fell asleep.

He also was moved from the bassinet in our room to his crib in the other bedroom. As much as Pat was resistant (which was pretty cute), Elliot of course did fine. We figured he would since he's been sleeping through the night relatively consistently. I even stopped swaddling him, as he'd fall asleep on the couch (bad habit he's getting from his mom and dad!?!?) and I'd just place him in bed. We thought all was going great, until he gave us two rough nights, and last night would not go to bed for all of the tea in China. And, this morning, he was a fussy mess until he got another nap in. Like one of my friends said, once you get everything rolling nicely, think you have it all under control, and things seem to be predictable, a growth spurt comes along and uproots all your efforts. Man, I hope these multiple, massive spit-ups disappear with the growth spurt... I think we both fashion a new outfit about 3 times a day!

Last night, Pat tried to teach him how to pet the kitty. He took a fistful of fur, and the cat was super patient.

He's doing better with the head control. Same signs of half-rolling over as before, no progress there. He's starting to discover his feet. We're almost at 3 1/2 months already. Time to get a high chair. Geez.

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