Monday, October 12, 2009

Brian and Jen visit. Elliot does the Sears Tower.

Our good friends from college, Brian and Jen Miner, visited this weekend.  They live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (near Akron/Cleveland).  Normally, we get to have tons of fun with their Nicholas (6) and Will (3), but this time, they came sans kids.  We hit Chinatown on Friday night (first time we've been there without our Chinese sister-in-law-- Ha ha!).  On Saturday, we created our own walking architectural tour of downtown: nice and chilly!  The guys got up to catch the Chicago Marathon on Sunday morning and then we headed back downtown to do some shopping.  The evening ended with a trip up to the top of the Sears (now Willis) Tower.  

We underestimated a Sunday evening crowd, not thinking so many more people were in town for the marathon, and had to wait in lines at the Sears.  They really wind you around a maze before you even get to the elevators to go up!  The new glass balconies opened recently and they are quite the hit.  Long lines to get your moment on them, and as you can see in the photos, we were getting a little worn.  However, we all agreed they were well worth the wait.  Crazy feeling, standing on glass, looking down 103 floors to the street below.  Kinda freaky in a one-minute amusement ride way.  

Starving and having split our last granola bars the mothers had packed, we then sat down to a lovely dinner made by our guests.  Very sad to see them leave this morning.

Thanks, Aunt Karen, for the bundle-sleeping bag thingy for the carseat-- we pulled it out this weekend and it was awesome!  We were lucky when it was mid-40's! 

Oh, and good luck next weekend, Brian, at the Columbus Marathon!!

(PS- Elliot ate like crazy on Friday and slept 10 hours that night!!  Woohoo, keep it up, little one!)


  1. Whaaa? You went to Chinatown without me? Did you go to Chi Cafe?? And drink a bubble tea?? :( Did you order the usual?

  2. YEP, YEP, YEP AND YEP! :) We're branching out. Next time, we might just order something different! Oh, we did have eggrolls and hot and sour soup!