Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Bike Ride!

Elliot got a seat for our bikes from Aunt Maryann last Christmas, and he's finally one year old and can give it a whirl. We got a helmet, and he smiled so big at trying it on at the store (he plays with Pat's when he comes home from work).

The helmet kept slipping over his eyes and he was extra grumpy today anyway, so although we've declared the ride a success, there are tweaks that need to be made. It seems every time the helmet bumps the back of the seat, it scooches forward over his eyes, no matter how tight we put it (we even tried a washcloth over his head first, boostering him up with a towel, etc). The fatness of the foam at the back of his head forces him to kink his neck forward until the helmet shifts... still working on this.

It was fun and there will be lots more!

One of many adjustments to the helmet.

We're rolling!