Monday, August 9, 2010

The Carpenters Visit.

My sister, Kathy, drove up from Atlanta with her three girls (Abby, 7; and Lindsey and Rachel, almost 4) and her husband, Matt. They stayed for 3 nights and we had a ball. All of their birthdays are in August, so this was a big birthday vacation. Everyone got a personalized mini-cake.

The girls were very excited to play with Elliot, and he was just as excited to have them around. It was non-stop energy.

Friday, we were at the Museum of Science and Industry all day. I saw parts of the museum and exhibits that I never spent time at, and teased them that I guess I just really needed to be with some nerds to experience the Science Museum the real way! The kids were fabulous-- Abby really took charge of Elliot, who did not nap all day and did very well.

Saturday, they had tickets to Shrek the Musical and we joined them. Abby had performed some of the songs in a musical theater class, and her mouth was wide open the entire time. What a show!! Loved it, and it reminded me how little theater we get to see, and how much I love musicals.

Then we ate dinner at the lake and waded in the water while Kathy and Matt went out. There was a little drama when some watermelon helped Abby lose her remaining big front tooth! At first, she was devastated that it was MIA (truly a lost tooth), until we reminded her that fairies have those fairy-like abilities, and surely the Tooth Fairy had taken it out of her mouth because it was good and ready. Luckily, hehem, the Tooth Fairy in Chicago had a $2 bill that is tradition, and all was well in fairyland.

So, today, I am getting caught up on things like blogging. I have some videos I'm trying to post of Elliot, but there's some technical difficulty...

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