Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Some Thoughts.

Pat and I are hearing from many parents to not wish this walking thing to happen too fast-- "You'll be chasing him everywhere..." "Get out the gates!" I know this will be true, however, Elliot is such a monkey and is crawling so fast, getting up on and into everything, that we are doubting it will be that much different. I'll check back in later once he really has a hang of the walking and let you know if we really are being naive or if this little guy is already on hyper mode.

A few examples: While I did laundry yesterday, Elliot spent the time putting blocks on a big chair, climbing up on his own, throwing them back down. He would then use all his core muscles to tediously get off the chair (his little feet just barely reach, I think he's going to fall each time but doesn't...), put the blocks back up... repeat. Literally, this happened 20x in a row. Every once in a while, his foot would get stuck up by his head, but the rest of him was already almost down. He'd hang mid-air in limbo, give a little groan or whine, and I'd say, "So how are you going to solve that one?" then he'd work his little foot off the chair just in time to catch himself.

And: Claire and Diane popped over yesterday for a little bit to visit and play. Diane played on her own very well, not much of a peep, very content to just investigate calmly. Claire enjoyed her cup of tea. I, on the other hand, ended up in the bathroom 3 or 4 times because Elliot would crawl really fast there, wanting to get into the bathtub. Or, he'd be in the kitchen, back out again, crawling super fast with a toy in each fist, scooting them across the floor. All while Diane stayed nicely in the play area...

There are some issues with him wanting to stand on the chairs lately, too.

I'm willing to say we're naive if we are, but my guess is that we should have already put up the baby gates when the crawling started with this maniac.

Oh, and I guess the mommy brain continues past the year mark, as I think I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair this morning?

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  1. Mommy brain lasts forever, I think. =)

    I might be one of the few who wouldn't tell you not to wish for walking, because in my opinion they get so much easier when they are walking - they are less dependent on you and you are free to do other things. The childproofing isn't that big a deal, you just do it the one time, and then freedom for you and the baby!