Monday, August 16, 2010

Jessica visits and Air Show.

We've been busy this summer for sure. Jessica, a friend from Kent, visited to look at grad schools and to catch up! We have enjoyed many times at the lake already and this weekend was no exception. We rode our bikes down to the pier at the Planetarium to watch the Air Show, just in time to catch the Blue Angels. It was awesome. Really a perfect afternoon-- great weather (our heat broke), the lake was so gorgeous, and Elliot did fabulously on the bike now that we have a better helmet. He actually took a catnap on the way home. Not great for the neck, but what can you do? We tried to wake him, but the helmeted-head just kept a'bobbing...

The tuxedo? I was vocalizing my worry about what to put Elliot in for Grandpa Papczun's wedding soon to my sister, Karen. She calls shortly after with, "I have the perfect outfit for him. You'll say it's too fancy, but it's not everyday that his Grandpa gets married, right? He'll be so cute, and we're doing it for his birthday," as I complained about the impracticality. "That's what gifts are for" and I lost the argument. Patent leather shoes and all! It was very sweet of her and Uncle Brad, et al, to send this to us and he is darn cute. Of course, the 9mo pants were too big around but the sleeves were too short, so I altered it to be shorts/shortsleeved. Turned out not too shabby, eh? The bowtie is not on, but there will be plenty of photos from the wedding, I'm sure. Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich are coming to the wedding, too, so it will be great to see everyone on Pat's side and them.