Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Growing Up.

I went in and got Elliot from his nap yesterday, and it seemed he grew significantly in just those two hours! He looked different and felt heavier. Crazy. Then, I put him in jeans, and it seemed he turned 3 years old right under my nose! And now that he can crawl up on the chairs around the house, he sits there and beams pride, knowing he's becoming a big boy... anyone have tips on how to stand time still?! I'm afraid I'll blink and he'll be in kindergarten!

We've been attempting the sippy cup here and there, trying to replace a mid-day bottle with it, but I didn't bother while we traveled. Previously, he would bite on the rubbery kind and then just let the water/milk flow right down the front of him (how the heck do you make a kid swallow?). We switched kinds, and he finally seems to be getting something out of it today! Of course, it's become a bit of a show since he gets praise for at least tipping it up and having it in his mouth-- he's all exaggerated and dramatic with it. He seemed surprised when he actually sucked and realized, "Oh, that's what this is supposed to do..." Still not getting a bottle's equivalent so we're grumping through the afternoons, but I just don't think I can do the cold turkey with how stubborn he's become.

His "schedule" has been really out of whack lately... yesterday, we had to cancel playing with Riley because he just couldn't make it past 9:15a without needing a nap. Today-- it was all my efforts to get him down finally at 5pm. Sheesh.

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