Monday, August 30, 2010

First Steps, First Dip in the Lake...

Just like every milestone with a baby, we're not really sure what to count as the "first," or that's the way it's been with Elliot most times. "Ok, did he really crawl right there?" "He just rolled over! But I think it was an accident." "That was definitely DAD, but, c'mon, did he call you that!?"

A few days ago, he was closing the dryer door for me and it moved faster than he anticipated, leaving him with the only option of stepping forward one step before catching himself on his knees. Nah, not walking yet.

This morning, I was holding Elliot's hands as he walked towards Pat and he let go, only to manage 2 quick steps before falling. He did this over and over between us, but we decided that with the running start, this wasn't really walking.

However, this evening, I stood him up and stepped back about 5 feet and reached for him to walk to me. He managed 4 controlled steps, initiated all on his own, before falling. This we're counting! He was so super excited and proud, that he bounced around, crawling, laughing, pulling up on furniture, but couldn't get himself settled down enough to accomplish it again... it was almost like he was unsure of what he had actually achieved, but he was sure it was something! And, again, just like any other milestone, the first time is usually an anomaly until he realizes what he did and can mimic the movements regularly (when he rolled over the first time, I expected him to keep doing it... but had to wait 2 more weeks for him to do it again!).

On Saturday, we did a great bike ride to Navy Pier with Elliot. He loved it and we sat by Ohio Street Beach for a bit, enjoying the lovely weather, then rode home.

On Sunday, we lingered at the lake for the afternoon, which is the norm. I dozed a bit while Pat scooted off with Elliot. Just as I thought they had been gone a bit, Pat hollers over, "Hey! I put him in the lake and he loved it! His first real swim!" He had his clothes off and his diaper was fully drenched. Apparently, Elliot was reaching for it, so Pat put his feet in... then he started kicking, so in a little more, until he was up to his waist. The cold water was no deterrent! Like father, like son.

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