Monday, August 23, 2010

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Elliot? Part Two

We went in for Pat's dad's wedding this weekend. It was so lovely and it was awesome to catch up with everyone and to celebrate. We've had so many funerals on that side in the last two+ years that it was great to sit around and visit, and not feel like you had to be doing something, anything, to try to make things more comfortable. Bill and Nancy seemed to truly enjoy hosting and although I know it was a lot of work, they didn't seem stressed. The ceremony and meal was at Maggiano's in one of their ballrooms and I would guess that there was 150 people! My parents stayed the whole weekend and it was great for all the inlaws to visit more.

We stayed with Pat's brother and as always, this makes for a great way to hang with their kids. Kyle, 7, Timmy, almost 4, and Kate, almost 2, were so good with Elliot. They had toys sorted out that were "Elliot appropriate" and entertained him non-stop.

He learned how to climb on and off the zebra... almost can go down stairs, but no walking yet... ??

Our air mattress was too tempting for the kids. Now that Elliot needs his own space to sleep in, we were relegated to the living room floor. He's already taking over.

I failed to get any photos of the wedding or the wedding couple-- Pat was a little involved, so I was solo with Elliot and the camera was not a priority. I was out walking him up and down the hallway most of the ceremony anyway.

Here are some of the crew-- that's Elliot, and next to him is his cousin Ben (1 1/2yo), then you see cousin Alex (3 1/2), and on down the table is Ben's twin, Jacob. ALL of these kids konked out before the reception was over. We joked that it was the adults' turn to nap...

Elliot has become quite clingy lately. We like to blame it on teeth, toddlerhood, me being home all summer, whatever, but it's getting worse. He melted down so easily all weekend and wouldn't go to anyone else. Of course, we were staying someplace strange, his naps were all too short and off schedule, and he's so much more aware in the car that sleeping is no longer a given. He did awesome on the way in, but on the way back to Chicago, a burp or something kept him up until we stopped for a bit, and then bedtime was around 10pm. He was up early this morning, crying over everything, and so back to bed it was by 9:15a!

I was lucky, however, that he crashed on my lap right as the main course came at the wedding. I got to enjoy my meal, eating over his head. Fabulous.

And it was my parents' 42nd anniversary weekend! Nice reason to take a trip!

After the wedding, everyone changed their clothes and headed to Panini's for drinks and more food (of course!). We wanted to go, but knew Elliot was worn out and it wasn't a place for him. Mom and dad offered to keep him, but they were staying at a friend's place that wasn't super kid friendly. Pat's brother was having his in-laws over to watch their kids, so mom and dad came there and the two sets of in-laws visited while the kids could all play. This worked well for about an hour until Elliot needed a bottle. He refused to take a bottle from anyone but Kyle, the 7-year-old nephew! And when an adult stepped in to help flip the bottle the right way, Elliot screamed in objection. He took the bottle from his knees, drinking hamster style with his neck kinked way back. Sigh. What are we going to do with this stubborn boy?

Mom also told me that he crawled under the dining room table, stood up, got stuck, and just cried because he refused to sit back down in order to get out. She crawled under, tried to coax him out, ended up having to sit him down and scoot him along the wood floor to prove to him that this was a solution, all while he bawled. Oh, how I sympathized with them. They were such troopers, though, taking it in stride and I was home in time to put him down. What a stinker.

I'm trying for more playtime and such for him, but playing with other kids doesn't seem to be a huge problem. It's the strange adults that are the issue, as well as such heightened frustration when he's so tired. I'm hoping this is standard fare for toddlers? Or do we really have a mess on our hands?

Elliot's make-shift bed at the after-after party on Sunday. Bill and Nancy had left for their honeymoon, but we all gathered at the house and ate down Maggiano's leftovers!
Dave and Jen came with Avery to see us! It was great to get the kids together. She's walking, doing great, looking so grown up.

Most of us stayed inside with the ac, but there was a football game out back.
Katie drove up from Texas all by herself!


  1. omg... he is just SO cute. I love the photos of him passed out. Too precious!