Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday with family. And his first cold.

Pat and I decided kind of late in the game to head to my side for Thanksgiving because my sister, Kathy, was driving up from Atlanta to my parents in Ohio... and I just don't get to see those three nieces enough (I don't see all our nieces and nephews enough actually!). Abby is 6, and the twins, Lindsey and Rachel, are 3. Boy, were we entertained. I failed to snap any photos, and our visits overlapped just by one day, so I am relying on my dad to send a few that he snapped.

Apparently, the girls had been talking about "Baby Elliot" all week and couldn't wait to see him. They could not seem to be apart from him and wanted to continuously touch him. Abby is already telling me that she will be allowed to babysit when she's 16, and will come to Chicago to do so. Grandma and Grandpa delivered Christmas early for Santa while they were in town, so we thoroughly enjoyed their musical skirts that played the macarena, the chicken dance, and the hokey pokey. We were dying laughing.

My brother's (John) kids came by as well, wanting to play with the baby. Logan is 7, Grant is 5, and Chandler is 3. The boys were amazed at how small he was and were comparing their hands to his. Grandpa insisted on a game where they had to mimic all the movements and noises Elliot made, and they were worn out within 10 minutes (mental note to self...). It was quite funny when Elliot passed gas and Uncle Pat said, "Ok, now you have to do the same!"

Friday night was the big Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's with the extended family. My brother and sister did not make it, but let's see, even without their brood, we had seven little ones under feet... 4 of them are under a year old. It was "Pass the baby and make sure you take your own home." Great food and darling kids to watch for entertainment!

Actual Thanksgiving we laid low and I did not leave the house. (Well, this isn't that hard, as my parents are out on a farm...) Elliot gave us a few rough nights there. A new bout of waking up screaming, not just his crying, which seemed to be from bad dreams or gas or something. Or maybe he's starting to recognize that he's in a strange place? Pat and I just looked at each other like, "What do we do with this?"

Then, last night, Elliot came down with his first cold. We were worried, of course. He was up crying about every hour or two, all congested and uncomfortable. He ended up in bed with us, with the hope that he'd relax a little with the snuggling. By morning, he sneezed a bunch out (lovely), and seemed to clear up a bit with being upright and moving around. I was really glad to see the old Elliot reappearing. Tonight, the snottiness is back and he seems a little more stuffed up again. My real hope is that Grandpa is correct with his assessment that this stimulates his immune system to ward off the flu!!

Monday is his next check up, so if the cold symptoms persist, we'll be in the right place. We're off again on Friday to head back to Ohio to see my other brother, Brad, who will be in from Portland, and to baptize Elliot at my home church, so let's hope he perks up. I am feeling a little guilty for trucking him around so much, but he seems so pleasant traveling that I don't really hesitate while he's this portable. Maybe that will change with this cold.

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