Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lovely, he's learning to share.

My cousin called this a rookie mom mistake, and that seems fitting. Today I forgot he had just eaten and had not burped, as I was interrupted with changing him, etc... We start playing airplane, he starts cracking up, and up comes the spit up while he's in mid-air. In my hair, over my glasses, down my shirt, on my pants... someone said, "at least it wasn't in your mouth..." and, um, yea, a little went there too. I sat amazed for a minute, even though I was so grossed out. Elliot, of course, was happy as could be, proud of himself, and clean.

We're getting more regular sleeping through the nights again, 7+ hour stints, which is great. Looking forward to seeing how much he weighs at his check-up on Monday. More shots then. Ew.

We've conquered sweet potatoes and are moving onto peas tonight! Fun times. (At least none of the sweet potatoes were part of the "sharing your food with mommy" earlier...)

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