Sunday, November 15, 2009

Party Hardy.

On Friday, I took Elliot up to Ultimate Bride, the bridal salon where I worked for 3 years before teaching. The lovely ladies there gave him so much attention and it was fun to catch up with those who were there. I have to go back soon to see those who were out.  Thanks, ladies, for a great visit!

Saturday, we all went to our neighbor's 1st birthday party-- I'm sure the first of many that we will attend now that we have entered "the kid world." Riley and Elliot will be in the same class together at school, but it is so crazy to see how different they are at this stage in their lives. Elliot was the youngest child there, and the oldest was three, so we met tons of new parents. It was a little overwhelming actually-- neither of us have been around that many new families at once (35+ people there (?), all seemed to be budding families with their first child...). It was great to meet everyone (I often felt like I needed to take out a pad and paper to take notes!) and we got a valuable connection for a small, in-home daycare for next fall! Keesha and John put on a wonderful party.

Elliot slept for the first half in our arms, and then was his typical Mr. Mellow.

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