Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rolling over suddenly.

I was just talking with Jen about Avery, and we were both saying how our children seemed to be going backwards with regards to rolling over.  Geez, how long ago was it that I had said that he was all the time arching his back and getting to his side with frustration-- 2 or 3 months ago??  He slowed down on that front but tonight, as we were doing tummy time with the assistance of a pillow, he flipped from his stomach to his back (that big head helping this time as it fell over first!).  Pat was sitting there, and we looked at each other with a "What?!  Did that just happen?"  It seemed like an accident.  Pat says, "Does that really count if the pillow was there to help?"  So we took the pillow away, and he did it again.  And again.  

No luck with the back to tummy direction yet, but that seems a little more difficult.  Now he's tired.  

Just in time to report to the pediatrician on Monday!  

As with everything, from his arrival to this rolling over, I watch and watch for signs, hoping for the development, all excited and anticipating the moment, and then when it comes, I find myself going, "No, go back, I'm not ready for that yet!"

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