Sunday, November 1, 2009

The "I forgot my camera again!" non-graphic update...

Sorry for the lack of photos... I know they're more fun than my words. I forgot my camera during a few events that are worth mentioning recently.

During our busy week with Gina visiting and Pat's grandmother dying, I was invited over by a neighbor, Margo. I had heard that another resident in our condo association had had a child the same day as us, but I had never met her directly, as all of our buildings have different entrances, and we rarely would cross paths. Margo thought that we really needed to meet, and arranged a full tea party, complete with hand-painted china and mini cookies and muffins. It was darling and so sweet of her to host. I misread her message of "coming over for a snack" as a casual meeting of families, so I took Pat with me. Well, he immediately was dismissed when Margo informed us that this was a "hen party"-- of course, he visited and graciously excused himself. August, the other mother of the baby born the same day (whose name is Tye), also has Georgia (4th grade) and Athena (kindergarten), and I must say, these ladies were definitely dressed for a tea party! Another mother came with her 4-year-old and 2-year-old. It was just so thoughtful of Margo, and now I officially know the other mother of the baby born on July 15th!

The boys were so cute-- we held them face to face at the end, after they both woke up, and they just stared each other down. A few grins, but mostly, they just investigated. This was the moment I wanted my camera.

Halloween. We decided to take a walk and check out the infamous (although we just had heard of it) Harper Street here in our neighborhood. (About a week ago, we walked that way and found a few Halloween decorations, but nothing like the reputation we had heard about. Harper Street, between 57th and 59th, is full of wood-framed houses that would lend themselves well to haunting...) Well, not only was it blocked off to traffic and FULL of trick-or-treaters, but almost every house was decked out to the nines. Crazy. We saw only one house that had politely put up a little sign at their door, "Closed for Halloween." Every other house had major decorations. We saw a 5-foot spider drop from a tree, rigged through a pulley from a porch. That resident, I think, was enjoying it more than the kids. Almost everyone handing out candy was dramatically costumed. It was quite impressive. There was even social commentary-- skeletons operating on each other in the yard with a sign, "Harper Street Health Care," a tombstone with "GOP, RIP" inscripted, and another skeleton hanging with a sign reading, "Pre-existing condition." We were quite entertained. And I wish I had had my camera.

Next year, this is a must for Elliot. Um, hum, for mom and dad.

We had friends over for dinner tonight-- Marsha, Bill, and their two-year-old, Spencer. These are friends that we don't see or talk to very often... we keep in touch so poorly, that when we called them one time to come over for cards or something, they informed us that they had had a child. We had not known they were pregnant! The joke was that they, then, would not see Elliot until all of his teeth were in. So, the challenge was on to get together sooner rather than later, and after a few reschedules, it happened. A nice time was had by all, and when Spencer went into overdrive to fight his tiredness, they called it an evening. And this is when I realized I had not used my camera with the kids.

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