Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Truly an Ulrich.

My little brother used to play until he fell asleep, wherever he was.  We have photos of him asleep in his sandbox, collapsed on a step between rooms, and I even think there is one of him asleep in his snowsuit, out in the cold.  
Well, Elliot has some of Uncle Brad in him.  We recently pulled out the jumperoo, which he is too small for, but we put a chair cushion under it so his feet will reach.  It simply gives him a new place to "hang," yet he seems to be seeing the reaction for his actions and is starting to make it bounce.  This morning, I was paying bills, etc., and Elliot had a good time playing on the floor next to me.  I then gave him a bath, put him in the jumperoo, and went on with my computer chores.  I was impressed to hear him making the music go with his movements, and laughing out loud.  This went on for 20 minutes or so.  I was just ready to go rock him down for a nap, and found he had fallen asleep in the jumperoo!  How darling.  Played just too hard.  (Notice how his hand is still gripping one of the toys!)

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